Information I am professionally obliged to provide to all clients in order to ensure compliance with Notaries Practice rules 2109 ( Rules 8, 14, and 23)

  1. The basis upon which my fees are calculated is that my basic fee (largely as much as it is because of the regulations to which we are subject) is a fee of £100.00 per notarial Act. In the event that any act takes longer to prepare than average, then the fee will be charged as a calculation of time spent at the rate of £250.00 per hour
  2. The services I provide are the validation of documents and signatures and facts for the benefit of Foreign jurisdictions, including ( not exclusively ) Powers of Attorney, execution of contracts, appointments of officials to their office and anything which a foreign jurisdiction might require in order to ensure that mainly a citizen of England and Wales, (or indeed any other person seeking validation of an English/Welsh qualification) has complied with their requirements as to the form of completion of documents.
    I am required to indicate timescales involved. This is variable because while I can complete a Notarial act immediately most of the time, where it needs an Apostille under the Hague Convention we are in the hands of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office which is staffed by civil servants whose speed of progress is unpredictable. Even more unpredictable is the speed at which foreign embassy staff process documents. I use Consular agents to expedite both procedures and all I can indicate is that they will process documents as quickly as is possible because they can then raise their invoice! On average a non-urgent application for an apostille takes 4 working days. There is an urgent, more expensive return of post procedure. As to foreign embassies the time involved is variable.
  3. I am insured for an amount of £1,000,000.00 by way of Professional indemnity insurance.
  4. In the hopefully unlikely event that a client wishes to make a complaint, the link providing information is
  5. Please note that I am regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury
  6. In addition to fees payable to me there may be fees payable for the procurement of an Apostille under The Hague Convention and / or legalisation of documents in accordance with the requirements of countries which are not signatories to the said Convention. In addition charges are made to cover special postage at the rate imposed by the Royal Mail.

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